The Care and Feeding of People is broken out into five basic needs.  Each of those needs has subneeds.  There is also the framework wrapped around the whole thing, and how to tap into the magic.  There is both the intellectual knowledge of how to meet a need, for example, how to cook.  There are also many layers below that – what to cook, how to obtain the ingredients, when to cook it, when to start planning, how to serve it, how to eat it, etc.  And don’t forget the nutrients you’re eating, and how well you’re digesting them, personal preferences and cravings, and the list goes on.

I’m finding that there are certain tools and skills that are very useful across the board for getting your needs met.  These are things like interpersonal boundaries, listening and brainstorming skills, etc.  And then there’s another whole set of information about how and why this works, and finally, how this information is passed from one person to the next.  What makes a society?

On this page, see a listing of the various subjects I’ve found useful on this path.


  • Rest
  • Engage
  • Move
  • Fuel
  • Connection

    Learning Tools:

  • Frameworks
  • Transmitting information
  • Guidance