Review: The Conquerers


The Conquerors by David McKee is a story of a general who loves his country and who invades and conquers all the other countries.  Finally there is only one small country left, and when he goes to invade, they are welcomed with warm arms instead.  The soldiers and even the general himself happily learn about and learn to love their culture, and everybody goes home happy – including the people of the small country.

Pros:  There are some really healthy boundaries modeled here.  The soldiers are free to do as they please, and it’s acceptance not fighting that preserves the other country’s integrity.

Cons:  Younger readers might not *get* it on the first pass.  My 6 year old liked the story, but it’s hard to tell if he consciously understood the moral.

Overall:  I love this story.  It’s so much deeper than it is on the surface, and kids might not get it at first, BUT it’s exactly the kind of limbic modeling that simmers in the background of their brains and colors how they see the world.


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